Endocrine Questionnaire Part A

Welcome to your Endocrine Questionnaire Part A

Responses are an indication of the frequency or severity of your experience of the mentioned symptom, feature, or occurrence.

Unless specified in the question, the responses range on a scale from 1 (one) through 5 (five) where depending on the nature of the question the number response generally indicates:

(the least possible impact the symptom or issue could have, usually implying complete absence)
1 = never / not at all / not within memory / not worth remembering / negligible impact

2 = infrequently / occasionally / in a minor or niggling way / less than once every week

3 = somewhat infrequently / rare but recurring / causing some discomfort / manageable with a remedy / at least every week

4 = somewhat frequently / causes significant discomfort / requires alterations to routines or avoidance / occurs without preventative remedy / once every day or two

5 = constantly / very regularly / occurs in a serious way / significantly impacts your day / impairs normal function (can't work, bedridden) /  / not managed by remedy / more than once every day
(worst possible impact the symptom or issue could have)


You do not need to answer every question, but the more responses

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